You can download the photos free of charge to set as wallpaper for your phone, laptop or machine computer. Click on the photo, then save as, to download and then open it on your device and set as wallpaper.

HSM 405H2L & HSM 208F

Komatsu 931XC

John Deere 1270G

John Deere 1270E

Logset 5F

Komatsu 865

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid

John Deere 1170E

Steyr & Palms, -Stift Melk

Ponsse Scorpion & Ponsse Buffalo

Rottne H11

Ponsse Scorpion

John Deere 1210E

Rottne F12S

Komatsu 941.1

Silvatec 560S

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid