John Deere 859MH Tracked Harvester | Australia

Russel S. sent us some new footage of him harvesting with the John Deere 859MH & Waratah 622B in a steep slope.
The trees are around 40-65cm at roughly 2.5 m3 on 20+ degree slope.
“The trees I’m falling are oversized stock from the previous rotation. I’m felling and stemming the trees down hill so I can process them at a spot where the forwarder can pick the timber up easily.”

Machine: John Deere 859MH
Yearr: 2017
Harvester Head: Waratah HTH622B
Company: Tumut Valley Logging
Place: Brindabella Mountains, Australia
Pilot: Russel, S.

We say thank you Russel!!!!!