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John Deere 1910E | steep slope logging | Northamerica Tour ’17

Harvester Forwarder & More went all the way to North America to film some nice machines. Here we see a 1910E with Mesera crane in a steep slope in Canada.
The owner of the machine was Volktrans, the famous emigrants from Switzerland.

Machine: John Deere 1910E
Crane: Mesera
Company: Volktrans Ltd Canada
Place: Clearwater, BC


Komatsu 855 | Heimspiel ’17

Mid September Komatsu Forest GmbH, Germany held a open house day in south germany. 10mins walk from their building, there was a demonstration site with Komatsu 931xc, 951 & 855.
Here we see the 855 forwarding spruce and fir.


Machine: Komatsu 855
Driver: Michl
Place: Vöhringen, Germany

Filmed with friendly assistance of Komatsu Forest GmbH, Germany.

Harvester Forwarder & More Fanphotos

Got some fanphotos from a fan in Sri Lanka.

Got some too? Send us!

EcoLog 574E

WFW & Gebrüder Konrad held a machine demonstration in Zöbern, Austria. Machines were the EcoLog 580 harvester, the EcoLog 574 forwarder and the Nisula harvester.

The new 5574 (the letters are now gone) with the Volvo Penta Engine and 800mm wheels was driven by the first forest machine operator apprentice in Austria.

Video #500: Best of Komatsu Tour ’17

In cooperation with Komatsu Forest Gmbh. Germany, Harvester Forwarder & More toured through Germany and filmed 8 machines in 5 days. Never did so much filming in one week.

Komatsu 865
Komatsu 855.1
Komatsu 855.1
Komatsu 855 2016
Komatsu 931, C123
Komatsu 931, C144
Komatsu 931XC, C144
Komatsu 951, C144

Filmed with friendly assistance of Komatsu Forest GmbH, Germany.