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John Deere 1510G | Elmia Wood

John Deere released the smaller G series Forwarders earlier this year. There were not many differences to the IT4 series.

The right 1510G was equipped with the “Long Bogie” for wet grounds. The bigger gab between the wheels enlarge the contact area with bandtracks.

One big difference is the new cab with hundreds visual and non visual changes to the E series cab.

Yes, there was some sunshine at this years’ Elmia Wood. 😉

More videos of Elmia Wood coming soon.

Tigercat 1185 | Elmia Wood

Tigercat, the canadian manufacturer of premium logging machinery, released the biggest wheel harvester in the market earlier this year. We checked the machine for you at Elmia Wood 2017.

The back of the 1185 looks a little bit huge, compared to the biggest European cut-to-length machines. Also the weight of 34t is around 9t over the previous biggest wheel harvester in the world, the Logset 12H.

Midframe with cabin and crane attachement seem very solid built.

The cabin is a nice working place with a good view.

Length: 9,9m
Width: 3,09m
Weight: 34t
Engine: Tigercat FPT Tier4f, 308hp
Tyres: 750/55-26.5 or 28.5
Crane: 8,9, 357kNm Lift Moment, Slew Torque 62 kNm.
Harvesting head: Up to 2.200kg

Forwarder World Cup Final Run

The Final run between Daniel Bergman, Germany and Kamil Kaczynski, Poland at the forwarder world cup at Elmia Wood 2017, Sweden. Daniel usually operates a Ponsse Buffalo and Kamil usually operates a John Deere Forwarder.
On the first day the drove Komatsu 855, on the final day the drove John Deere 1210E IT4