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In less than a week, the 17th KWF Tagung in Roding, Bavaria starts, but we look back at 16th KWF, which was held in Bopfingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg in 2012. I really liked it there. It was my first KWF Tagung, lots of machinery, lots of beer, lots of people! ­čÖé



Yesterday the Video of the new Logset 12H GTE Hybrid harvester was released. Many asked how this “hybrid stuff” works. We have some answers.
The harvester is equipped like the 10H with a 300Hp AGCO Power Diesel engine, as well as a 220Hp strong Electric motor/Generator between the Diesel engine and pumps. The generator charges a watercooled powerpack, when not used as electric engine.

Dieselmotor - Generator/Motor - Pumpen
Diesel engine – Generator/electric motor – Pumps

So the harvester operator has a max. of 520Hp available with a torque of 2000Nm. The Diesel engine runs constantly at 1500rpm, when necessary, the hybrid system delivers whilst discharging additional 220hp to support, so there are no engine peak loads. The 12H GTE Hybrid is equipped with two 210l/min hydraulic pumps and totals up to 420l/min, which is enough, if you watch our video. In comparison, the 10H has “only” 190 & 160l/min. 10H & 12H are equipped with a Mesera 280 or 285 crane with 280kNm lifting capacity and the TH75 harvesting head.

The 12H GTE in France.
The 12H GTE in France.

Despite the size of the 12H GTE, the fuel consumption was reduced by 20-30%, which results in 35-40% fewer emissions. While power and torque were increased by 72% and 54% compared to the previous harvester series.


A few weeks ago Logset introduced their first hybrid harvester: The 12H GTE Hybrid. It has a 300hp Diesel engine and a 220hp electric engine. I will write a Blog post about technical details later this day. Last week it was shown on a demonstration in France.

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