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Harvester Forwarder & More Fanphotos

Got some fanphotos from a fan in Sri Lanka.

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I nearly started 2017 badly

Yesterday, I started the first day of filming in 2017. It was a clearfell for a street in a freezing cold Austria. The filming was going well. I took lots of pictures and film material until the Harvester needed a minor repair. So I packed my 500€ half-year old camera into tha camera bag and put it with my monopod on a harvester wheel at a rear boogie, while the operator was repairing the machine. After the repairs were finished, the operator started the machine to park it next to the logging road. I was standing around 10m away from the machine, realizing that my camera gear was still on the wheel, when the operator began moving the machine into position. I made a sprint showing the operator to stop, ran around the machine to found my cam.

There are lots of stories about machine operators, forgetting their phones, bandtrack mounting tools etc. on the wheel and running it over. I was lucky, very lucky! 🙂

John Deere 1270G

The John Deere 1270G customer test machine photographed by Dagmar W. in Austria.

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid Demo

Last weekend Logset & RJ Fukes Forestry services organised a demonstration of the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid harvester in Aberfoyle, Scotland. And to make it short, yes, it works!

Komatsu 931XC Demonstration in Austria

Yesterday Komatsu Forest Gmbh, held a demonstration of their harvester 931XC. This time conditions were really extreme. The ground was steep and very wet due to the great weather in the last few days 😉
The Video: Komatsu 931XC in Austria

HSM Forest Steep Slope Demonstration

HSM organized a ctl machine demonstration with their steep slope machines. They showed their steep slope harvester 405H2L and their steep slope forwarder 208F.

More about these machines in the last videos.

Check the homepage of the manufacturer: HSM Forest